Safeguarding Policy

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If you are a school please contact LinkEd for information on your policy requirements.

This is a detailed policy covering: the recruitment process and supervision of staff or volunteers that interact with children and young people under the age of 18, how to deal with bullying, E-safety, avoiding accidents, reporting concerns of abuse and how to deal with investigations against workers. It includes an incident report form.

Please note: The policy should be adapted to concisely define your organisation’s work and give consideration to activities which may require further policies and guidance.  You will need to input your Local Authority’s safeguarding details and adapt the policy to be relevant to your organisation, especially if you do not have a Staff Conduct Policy, Disciplinary Procedure, Health & Safety Policy, Preventing Extremism Policy and Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy. We strongly advise that your organisation obtains:  a Health & Safety Policy and a Code of Conduct when working with children, to work in tandem with this policy. This policy should be reviewed on a yearly basis. The template is not a substitute for legal advice. It is not suitable for organizations where a designated responsible officer (RO) and a senior staff member (SSM) providing support and oversight are the same person.


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