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The Pinter Trust, named  in memory of the unforgettable and greatly missed Rabbi Avraham Pinter, was founded by Interlink in 2022 to provide a voice for the UK’s Charedi community and as a point of contact for Charedi public affairs and public relations.

Comprising leaders from across the UK’s Charedi community and endorsed by leading rabbinic authorities including the UHOC , Machzikei Hadas Manchester, Gateshead Kehillah, Federation of Synagogues and Manchester Beis Din, The Pinter Trust seeks to give the community a voice and broker meaningful partnerships.

Whilst we do not seek external publicity for our community, so much has been written about us in recent years that it became vital that we provide an accurate and truthful portrayal of who we are and how we live. The Pinter Trust gives people a greater understanding of our community and showcases some of the work of our communal organisations. In doing so, The Pinter Trust helps those looking to find out more about our community; highlights our excellent charitable and communal initiatives; and works alongside the media, local and central government to build constructive partnerships.


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