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Understanding your charity’s accounts, the story they tell and their role in your ‘fundability’

Posted on August 31, 2023

Are you a charity trustee, leader or fundraiser?

Do you find yourself struggling with understanding terms such as ‘reserves’ and ‘balance sheet’ or needing to explain to others why your charity has high fundraising or overheads costs but not being sure where exactly in your accounts this information is presented?

Do you want your accounts to showcase your charity’s professionalism, good financial management, breadth of activities and impact?

Join us for a training session on 25th October 2023 to learn about:

  1. Understanding accounts for laymen:
  • Reporting requirements for charities
  • Reading the SOFA statement of financial activities
  • Reading the Balance Sheet
  • Cost-centred budgeting
  • Noting the notes
  1. Taking ownership of your charity’s accounts:
  • Why you should care about the contents of your charity’s accounts
  • The numbers story
  • The narrative story
  • The design story

For more information or to book your place, click here.